The MOST Underrated Nutrient: Choline, The Secret To Excellence.

The MOST Underrated Nutrient: Choline, The Secret To Excellence.

Choline intake should be as important to you as protein.

Think about it like this:

Wanting to be fitter and stronger is undoubtedly the best thing you can do.

So what do you do to get stronger and be fitter?

You workout hard, eat well, and drink a protein shake to make sure you make progress.

Now, is a shake Necessary?


BUT, Protein supplements help you MAXIMIZE the result you can get much easier.

Similarly, Choline is like “protein” for your brain.

If you don’t have enough from your diet, you’ll most likely benefit from a supplement.

By the end of this article you will know:

  • What choline is
  • How our body processes choline
  • The types of choline supplements I prefer.

Choline explained in under 3 minutes.

Choline is an essential nutrient responsible for cell health.

It also has roles like regulating your metabolism, affecting genetic responses, and transporting fats!

Alongside of this, choline is broken down into a neurotransmitter called “Acetylcholine.”

A neurotransmitter is a fancy way of saying “a chemical that helps our brain send out signals.”

Acetylcholine is important for the control of memory, attention, and mood.

This is the aspect i’m MOST focused on. (lots about its role in liver health and more coming soon.)

To help reap the benefits further we can take something to prolong Acetylcholine’s action.

Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (ACH inhibitors) briefly prevent the body from degrading acetylcholine.

Meaning that we get the most use out of our choline/acetylcholine!

Huperzine A is a great example of an ACH inhibitor.

Consuming Choline

Having enough choline through diet can be an easy enough task.

Men require around 550mg and women need around 425mg a day.

However; anyone avoiding animal byproducts may face some difficulty.

Typically, eggs and beef are the highest sources of dietary choline.

Although, there are still a lot of plant-based sources, like soybeans, broccoli or sunflowers.

If necessary, you can take a supplement like Choline bitartrate or Alpha-GPC

They are both forms of choline, Alpha-GPC is considered “Stronger” though.

Due to Alpha-GPC having an easier time passing the blood-brain barrier, it’s effects are more pronounced.

Additionally, Alpha-GPC usually contains more choline when comparing it mg to mg to bitartrate.

Stacking for cognitive benefits

stacking things together, working efficiently like parts of a machine

Usually, people will take their supplements together to reap the highest level of benefits possible.

This is called “stacking” or “layering.”

Stacking is typically done on a personalized level based on tolerance and goals.

A generic stack looks something like this.

  • 200mg of Caffeine (for cognitive enhancement and general stimulant behavior.)
  • 400mg Alpha-GPC(for the cognitive enhancement and mood elevation.)
  • 200mcg Huperzine A (to act as an ACH inhibitor)
  • 400mg L-Theanine (for cognitive enhancement and make the caffeine feel “less jittery”)


I just want to say that this methodology isn’t NECESSARY at all.

Some people do well with just an ADDITIONAL supplement for choline.

Others do great with different combinations, in fact there are a LOT.

With so much literature on “nootropics” you can easily find new things to research.

Just don’t make yourself think you NEED some obscure/niche supplement for no reason.

If there’s a lot of hype, look into things for yourself.

if you’d like to learn HOW TO , I have a post “How to research topics efficiently.” (coming soon)

I outline everything I do to learn & reinforce my knowledge without wasting MORE time than I need.

Until Next time, TOODLES!

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