Why Cliché Advice Both Is And Isn’t Impactful.

Why Cliché Advice Both Is And Isn’t Impactful.

The greatest Advice you’ll ever hear and it’s THAT simple.

“Just DO it.”

Nike’s insanely famous and unbelievably profitable slogan isn’t a stroke of marketing genius.

It’s just unbeatably good advice.

Say you have an idea for a blog and you ask me for the biggest piece of advice on how to make sure it’s “Successful.”

You know what my first go to is?

It’s not “Well, what is “SUCESSFUL” to YOU?”

My advice is always going to be:

“Okay, sounds good, do it! Start the blog and start posting frequently. Once you’re comfortable doing that, touch up the posts later, link in between your articles, add in youtube, social media’s you use, look up keywords for traffic, etc etc..”

The rest of it is specific to the question, but the biggest hurdle is just DOING the thing.

Generally speaking, “Just do it” is THE most important part but the additional supplements reinforce it.

If not for those extra points that make it seem more complicated, people would LEAVE feeling pissed off.

Infact, like 80% of my advice here for being insanely better than 9 out of 10 people in the room is Cliché

I could boil it all down to:

  • Just start doing the things you know will help
  • Stop doing things that you know hurt your progress.
  • AFTER you stop screwing up and start doing, start planning how to do it better.
  • Don’t over think shit, just do shit.

It’s honestly THAT SIMPLE and that’s why it WORKS.

That’s it.

Notice how much I reiterate the “just do it” part?

It’s because it’s something that stops EVERYONE!

There are THOUSANDS of excuses and literally a SINGLE, EASY solution.

This is why generic statements and truths “don’t work.”

No matter HOW true and relevant and helpful it is going to be.

All detractions against cliché piece of advice are because it is GENERIC and their situation is SPECIAL.

Essentially it just boils down to this core concept that people magically fabricate.

The solution HAS to be MORE complicated because their situation is complicated.

Why we don’t take Cliché advice to heart.

It’s actually incredibly simple to understand why these thoughts are only a catalyst for exponential growth SOME of THE TIME

Whether it’s a friend giving an “I told you so!!” or a parent scolding their children, the same trite adages don’t matter.


The advice is not coming from the right person at the right time.

Seriously, that’s it.

If you need a really extraordinary example: Take a look at Jordan Peterson.

He’s a professor and psychologist with a high level of authority.

That gives him STATUS to people who didn’t know him.

Jordan Peterson isn’t selling extreme courses to men on “how to be the most attractive and productive person on earth.”

Yet he’s gained a LOT of popularity with insanely high performing men and is respected by MILLIONS.

Jordan peterson pictured with Rinaldo
Jordan Peterson With Rinaldo

Simply put, he was pointing out very obvious things, but in a fresh, slightly more nuanced way.

When random men would get YouTube Recommendations for his lectures and heard him speak about motivational topics it BLEW UP.

Real world example:

The reaction to his videos are generally something like this:

“I was RIGHT, I am down in the dumps BECAUSE OF THIS!! That’s okay!! it really IS NOT MY FAULT… and… HE’S RIGHT!! I CAN CHANGE MYSELF, maybe I’m not as capable as I thought.. he has a point there too.. I’ll just start by making my bed and eating right first… It really can’t be THAT hard.”

Those men then go onto believe in themselves more and hopefully try to better themselves.


Because It affirmed what these men already knew.

They felt RIGHT and that made them more confident in themselves.

Affirming their commonly shared believes put them into agreement, which is something I talk about to NO END: Commonalities are unbelievably important for breeding friendships and agreements.

They’re also probably MORE inclined to listen to his advice on other things too, even IF it’s different from their own views.

I talk about this more in my post “advice should never be transferred downward.

Which I cut from this post to fully explain WHY the advice is more impactful and how you can also incorporate those habits into your own life.

Wrapping it up

Lastly, I just want this post to be a sort of catalyst to YOUR GROWTH.

Whatever you WANT to be doing, just DO IT.

Type in the comments on the blog and I’ll email you in a month to ask how it’s going.

Blab about it in my DM’s on Instagram

Whatever puts it out in the universe and means that you’ll actually do it.

Remember: You’ll figure things out, you always do.

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