How To Quit Fearing Failure with ONE Simple Trick.

How To Quit Fearing Failure with ONE Simple Trick.

Failure is one of the most powerful things in the world.

Whether it is used positively or negatively is up to YOU.

Leaving aside the MILLION cliche phrases about failing, let me be direct with you.

Those quotes are all cliche because they are TRUE.

If you want to try something, just give it an honest effort.

Afterwards, see if it was something you truly value and go from there.

Too scared to attempt it?

Ask yourself why you are afraid and be HONEST to yourself.

You deserve honesty, especially from yourself, to yourself.

Are you afraid of being judged by others?

Let me absolve that fear for you in this next section.

You just Need to Remember ONE simple fact to become FEARLESS

You are not that important.

Obviously, You are important TO YOU.

As you should be, you HAVE to live your life and I would hope you value it.

However; to others you aren’t important at all.

Don’t take caveats like friends or families.

I mean the general public who you walk by and see everyday.

Some people are trying new haircuts, shoes, styles etc.

Yet you don’t know that because it’s not important to you.

To them they could be SWEATING BULLETS wondering if you are judging them.

Meanwhile, you are too focused on what you’re getting for lunch in 5 minutes.

The same way they are “NPC’s” to your game of life, you are that to them.

This is an absolutely liberating concept.

In my other post on getting into shape I mention the ol’

“Oh, I’m new to this.” Get out of jail free card.

Even in PROFESSIONAL JOBS if you are the new guy you get SO much slack.

It’s to be leveraged AS necessary, not an excuse though.

Always give honest effort first.

So if you want to try a new sport, style or hobby, it’s EVEN less pressure.

How? because you aren’t considered IMPORTANT, you are considered a novice.

Cultivating A Relaxed Mental Framework (Even in the face of failure)

It is entirely reasonable to be ashamed of failure.

It is the only objective way of saying “You are currently not good enough to do this.”

You can fail at literally ANYTHING.

With that in mind, it is easy to understand why you are scared.

But think of this: Why are you upset that you now KNOW you aren’t enough?

If anything, it should be motivation to try again.

Try harder, work smarter AND make note of all you do.

Instead of tearing YOURSELF down, use the fear of failure to BUILD you up.

Do things at your BEST to PREVENT failure from occuring.

Easier said than done though.

How do you do this?

Don’t take things seriously AT ALL.

ESPECIALLY things that you DON’T know the outcome to.

(ex: what If I try to talk to this person and they think I’m weird?)

Don’t try to cop out by saying


When was the LAST TIME you were going to DIE from screwing up a simple task?

Becoming Desensitized (Small & Repeated bouts of failure)

Stańczyk, A Court Jester,  Appears Solemn, defeated, and a loss for words.
Stańczyk w czasie balu na dworze królowej Bony wobec straconego Smoleńska” Matejko, Jan 1862.

Our body is unbelievably complex, but also VERY simple.

We can get used to so many things by building a tolerance overtime.

Coffee, Sugar, Foods, and even failure.

The best thing to do is to constantly engage in NEW things that YOU deem trivial.

If you fail at it, who cares? I mean YOU literally Don’t.

If you don’t hurt anyone, or ruin their good time NOBODY will.

Overtime, if you fail you’ll find that you just feel an indifference:

“Well, damn.. I guess I’m not very good at that from the start.”

Otherwise, you now have something you may LOVE to do as a hobby or past-time.

Imagine doing WHATEVER your heart desired.

The world is YOURS.

I can personally attest to how difficult it is to start things.

but man if someone asks me what I do, it’s INCREDIBLE to them.

The range and depth of subject matter I have covered blows people’s minds.

Outside of that though, I am ALWAYS enveloped in SOMETHING to do or work on.

Each day I am BY FORCE OF NATURE better in SOME capacity.

You can be to, by just doing SOMETHING.

A Parting Note

This is not meant to make you self-deprecating.

It is meant to be taken as LIBERATING.

When you fail repeatedly, on something time and time again, it is hard.

Beyond that, it genuinely makes you question your self-worth.

This is why it is CRITICAL that you give an HONEST effort at EVERYTHING you try.

If your best is not good enough time and time again, reevaluate your plans after 6 months.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is cut your losses.

Don’t ever fall victim to the sunken-cost fallacy.

Trust me, on that one.

Although I have DOZENS of areas where I have HIGH competency it’s not without funneling my time and

energy where appropriate.

I have HUNDREDS of projects I have abandoned after some months, just from KNOWING I couldn’t go


I know deep down they wouldn’t help me in any other domain and that I don’t value them enough.

This is something that will be unique TO YOU and your life’s mission.

I hope you all can take value in this advice.

I genuinely wish I heard this years ago when I was a fresh faced 18 year old.

Until next time, Toodles!

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