Insecurity Is The Greatest Gift You Never Realized.

Insecurity Is The Greatest Gift You Never Realized.

Insecurity WILL single-handedly RUIN. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. IN. YOUR LIFE.

Insecurity will absolutely rob you of even the smallest pleasures in you can find.

It will consume your soul, leave you numb, uncertain, scared, and clinging to any possible reprieve.

There is no “one size fits all” way it can manifest, whether it’s:

Validation by having sex with anyone and everyone,

The need to prove yourself to others,

Putting others down to feel better about yourself,

Needing constant praise or even just needing constant validation that you are enough.

Insecurity WILL take a toll on YOU first and foremost, before digging its claws into every beautiful moment or relationship you share.

Lastly, Insecurity can lead to massive depression and suicide.

If you let it.

Conversely, you can use it to your advantage.

How do you do that?

Fight fire with fucking fire.

Insecurity Can Be Leveraged like NO OTHER TOOL.

Saint Michael slaying the beast. Meant to depict the reader winning the  inner war against insecurity with literal demons.
You may become the strongest warrior by facing your adversities forthrightly

Feel worthless and like your life isn’t worth anything?

Fuck it, might as well push yourself to the absolute fucking limits at whatever you love for a month.

Why? because why the fuck not, What’s the worst that can happen?

If you can spend a whole fucking MONTH doing whatever it is you think you love INTENSELY, you will be fucking great at it.

Will you be the worlds best? No.

But why do you care?

Don’t you already think you’re a loser?


Because you made a substantial amount of progress and seem almost SUPERHUMAN?

Crazy, once you develop strong skill sets you can at least acknowledge it.

“Yeah, I might be a stupid fucking loser, but I am a GOD when it comes to XYZ.”

or you can impress yourself with how you can at least do ONE thing consistently.

Now imagine, this scenario.

Compounding Interest on the “It’s just one month.. then I call it quits.”

You DO that, every single fucking month, for over a decade.

You become so HIGHLY competent in WHATEVER you do that it’s unbelievable.

To the average person, they have NO idea how you could know so much.

This doesn’t even apply to knowledge exclusively.

Fuck it, lets say you take the Shortened “Damon Desade” route.

You hate your body and yourself, so you take prohormones for a month.

Your numbers go through the fucking roof, with lifts and body weight.

THEN you say “okay, i’ll try SARMS for a month.

It’s even more mind blowing, you are getting ripped, stronger, and laid effortlessly.

You up it to taking testosterone for a month,

Then you do just a month of strict training while on cycle.

Next one you add in STRICT diet, strict training and the steroids.

Do you know how insanely different you will become to everyone around you?

Insecurity And The Never Ending Cycle

image of sisyphus pushing a boulder up a mountain,
the fable of sisyphus is symbolic of the literal never ending battle with insecurity.
“one must imagine sisyphus happy”

I’m not doing this to glorify drug use, you can literally just see a drug problem developing.

I’m outlining how I justified it and the accompanying downward spiral that initially followed.

“Well, if i’m going to be worthless, I might as well be hot, smart, and getting laid.”

I was “cured” about potentially being “bad” at sex or not being hot enough.

However; it wasn’t like that was The ONLY thing I was fixated on.

The RedPill, Jon Anthony, and GLL just gave me a good framework to work through it.

“Get Ripped, Get Laid, Get Paid, and you’ll figure it out”

Turns out getting ripped and laid was easier than I thought.

In fact I got fucking SICK of the shit i was doing.

To Quote Nietzsche:

“Even the most beautiful scenery is no longer assured of our love after we have lived in it for three months, and some distant coast attracts our avarice: possessions are generally diminished by possession.”

We are biologically susceptible to becoming desensitized to whatever we have.

I was still waffling in insecurity at other places, but just much more “ACCOMPLISHED” and not insecure in THAT regard.

It shifted from “oh man….. she’s out of my league!”

to something more or less like

oh man, how do I know she doesn’t just like me for my body or because I can do XYZ/ or I’m super fun?”

Sure I wasn’t insecure about not being hot ENOUGH, but it’s always SOMETHING to keep me in check.

Acceptance Will Give You The Keys To Your Shackles.

I don’t mean it like “Accept yourself and the worlds’ problems will melt away!!

I mean it as in something akin to this:

You will always feel like this, you can’t change it, so why let it worry you?

I talked about this briefly in the video I did discussing mediations

(There’s also a blogpost here about it.)

If you understand that it is your nature to feel this way and operate, then you can move on quicker.

If you are constantly improving yourself and always becoming better life will be easier in other aspects.

Eventually it gets to a point where you have SUCH a massive lead on others that you look back and smile.

Do you still feel insecure?

ofcourse, you’ll be insecure over 500 different things, some brand new to you.

However; looking back you’ll see how radically different you are, and how much less you worry about THOUSANDS of other problems.

Maybe that transient sense of accomplishment will let the insecurity wain.

How I deal with insecurity & In conclusion

This is how I live my life:

Each day, instead of something to just put me out, I work vigorously to do whatever possible to give everyone a better life. (Though I always feel like i could be doing more.)
Getting people connected to whomever I know may help.

Giving them knowledge on the things i’ve learned or advice on mistakes I’ve made.

Sitting down and listening to my buddies who can’t speak about their troubles with their families or whatever predicament they’re in.

I genuinely love people, and I think that despite the awful ones, there are great people who just want more for themselves and the world.

People like You.

If the way to be of service to the world and bring joy to you and everyone else is by redlining projects like this blog and going full-throttle until I crash each night for the next 1-5 years… Good.

I’d much rather learn how to write better, share my experiences with the world, help others and find my way like this.

It’s definitely not the healthiest outlook to some, but I can’t imagine my life to be any bit more enriching any other way.

Fuck what everyone else has to say about me, at least i have my heart and that’s all I care about.

Until next time, Toodles.

(if you are feeling suicidal, I will leave the obligatory Suicide Prevention hotline 800-273-8255)

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