SARMS: My First Experience and What I learned

SARMS: My First Experience and What I learned

Thinking about taking SARMS? No judgment here.

In fact, If I was going to do this whole thing over again, I’d probably have LOVED to read this article.

It’d be a pretty decent gauge of what to expect and another lens outside the forums i’d frequent.

To save YOU even more time, here is a TL;DR version of what I took in an easy-to-read format.
This got me over 30lbs on my bench for working sets and over 100lbs on my deadlift.

Keep in mind, this was around 3 months without ANY dieting or adherence.

Research ChemicalMG dosage (daily)
My first experience (However; I took the first 150mg of rad by its self before adding in MK)

What I would have done differently

Lean bulked.”
Honestly, that’s it. That’s all I’d change.

I was lifting 7 days a week with ZERO recovery issues, gaining STUPID amounts of strength, getting leaner and fuller by the day.


Listen, I am VERY aware of how small I was, IT doesn’t change the fact that I went from a tiny baby to a slighter bigger dude.

After being that size for years due to being a “Hard-gainer” I was and am happy with that progress.

During this time, I was also newly single and enjoying the fall semester at college.

Going out to get chipotle or spending 4 out of 7 nights at different girls houses from December clear up until March meant I was hardly ever cooking my own food.

(Real note though, S/O to chipotle for making double-wrapped, double… everything Sofritas burritos so kickass.)

If I was consistent with my calories, not JUST focused on protein I’d have gotten WAY stronger & bigger.

Luckily enough, I was usually pretty good about scheduling days or planning the nights I wouldn’t be at my house ahead of time.

Which is something I can’t recommend enough to you guys:


How I put on size and strength:

SARMS are fucking insane (granted you get them from a reputable source)
alongside this fun fact, I only had TWO rules.

  1. Follow your training Program
  2. Get 1g of protein per lb of total bodyweight

That’s it.
My training program was “Bench Like A Beast” – Gaglione Strength that Larry Wheels was promoting in 2018.

Alongside that, for leg days, I just did ATG squats one day with accessories or deadlifts and alternated between them both.

Honestly, you don’t even need to work out 7 days a week and in fact, you’ll do even better taking a mandatory rest every 3rd or 4th day.

I would just go because all my buddies went each day.

I liked the hot tub, and getting a pump or just knowing I’d be stronger on each lift was fucking amazing.

You don’t need to think about specific training programs or when to time your macros for pre/peri/post-workout.

These compounds do ALL of the heavy lifting for you (ba-dum-tss)

Doing that will make your progress exponentially better, but I know very few people that can do it well.

Why did I choose THOSE doses for SARMS?

This is something I mulled over a little, I ordered rad140 and Ostarine, but started off with JUST rad to make sure I could handle it or if it was real.

I chose the dosage based on a few studies I read at the time.
(remember this was during 2018 into early 2019, not a lot was SUPER known about SARMS back then.)

Infographic showing results of SARMS (rad140)

This gave me the inclination to take Rad140 at 0.1mg/kg of BW.

I noticed there wasn’t a REAL benefit to taking the 10-30mg most people talked about.
Although, at the time I only needed 6.6mg I had some difficulty nailing that down EXACTLY so I just rounded up to 7.5 to also account for gaining weight and muscle later.

When it came to the Ostarine, there was practically NO Information really available back then, just about 3-4 studies.
(Though now a LOT of research is coming to fruition which may be good news to you all.)

The general consensus was just “yeah just take like 20-30mg a day.

I didn’t know how I’d react so I “low-balled” it.

Alongside this, ProvenPeptides were all liquids solutions.
The MK tasted so foul that it would make me nearly throw up everytime i took it.
(In fact, I actually did once when I was at a girl’s dorm,HUGE bummer.)

So the LESS I could take, the happier I was.

Overall, It was fucking AWESOME.
A great addition, because it made me look a LOT fuller and my shoulders a LOT rounder.

Anyone looking for something to help pack on the additional size and look “filled out”
Ostarine is for you.
RAD140 will give you insanely potent strength gains that stay as well.

Looking for more info?

If you have any questions feel free to comment below on this post or send me an email here:
alternatively, feel free to message me on instagram @Damonisvegan

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