The BEST Items For Staying Motivated At Home.

The BEST Items For Staying Motivated At Home.

Are you finding it hard to exercise at home or to get yourself to the gym?

I get it, we WANT to go to that class or just lift at the gym because it’s “the best bang for your buck.”

BUT, Perfection is the downfall of almost every single goal.

Surely, it is an IDEAL that SHOULD be strived for.

However; you do NOT want to get in the habit of doing something when it is in IDEAL conditions.

You will miss at least  90/100 opportunities to improve on whatever you do.


what's the best way to learn how to do a job?

Their answer is always: “by getting hands on experience” or just DOING IT.

Similarly, if you can’t make it to the gym or a class to workout, you miss a LOT of opportunities.

IF you do NOTHING that is.

Being “somewhat active” is better than “not at all” 

I talked to ~30 close friends about what equipment they keep in their house.

I marked down their responses for what they have, then I asked what they actively use.

After asking them a few more questions, I got enough info for this post.

Here are the BEST pieces of equipment you can have laying around to stay active.

Free Weights (Dumbbells)

Prison cell with dumbbells
Even people In prison know how important is it: Photo by Ron Lach

Get a set of 5lb and 20lb Dumbbells.

Don’t have the money for them?

Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist (is that still a big thing for you guys too?) or even walmart.

Now, set them next to your desk or bed.

Wherever you’ll see them after mindlessly scrolling is best.

Don’t think it’ll be super helpful?

5lbs for shoulders/forearms or some light stretches is great.

You can do a LOT with mobility work that’s got an extra bit of resistance.

Want more weight? Then pump up those arms with 20’s.

you can do some decent seated shoulder presses.

Firm up those quads and glutes?

Get a nice stretch in your legs with some split squats.

Work on some core exercises.

There’s a lot to be done.

Yoga Mat

please note the curled up yoga mat in the corner of our home.

IDEALLY you would be doing yoga with an instructor in class.

But, who the hell cares?

Get on Youtube and do one, or remember YOUR standard routine.

Not a fan of yoga?

Then use it as a cushion for some floor presses with your dumbbells.

Practice some barefoot stances for squats/deadlifts comfortably

Get in the habit of stretching with it.

Also place it in the middle of the room you’ll be in.


The amount of people who said

Oh I have one in my closet/corner” was VERY HIGH.

Those people also admitted to using it “like once every month or so.” (AKA, never at all.)

Body Mirror

Body Mirror
You don’t need a FULL SIZED MIRROR like this btw.

Getting a body mirror is a cheap way to see yourself and your progress throughout time.

I am incredibly aware of “body-checking” and the complications with some people.

If this is a problem for you, please skip this one and stay inline with what benefits you the most.

For most people this is a great way to watch their form, take progress pictures and enjoy a GOOD body day.

Hell you can even put little motivational reminders in the corner of it to feel proud.

I used to have my arms, chest, legs, core, and dick measurements on a piece of paper taped to my mirror.

It made my progress feel FANTASTIC when i’d look over and see how much changed.

You can further feel EVEN better about yourself with your progress picture by getting even better photos. How do you take better photos?

Asides from good angles and a nice camera,

Get some cheap, but decent lighting for yourself.

Want a decent-ish one affordably? go through a list of them on Amazon.

find one to fit your style and aesthetic, or just go to literally any place like target and get one for $15.

literally 90% of my instagram stories have me in a full body mirror at home or in the gym.

great tool imo absolutely

Good lighting in your Home

Good lighting for progress photos or for examining your body and fitness goals is HUGE.

If you always have lighting that is TOO harsh, point out ALL of your blemishes and worries. 

You will constantly feel AWFUL about yourself.

Treat your lighting like your social media, it is meant to highlight ALL of your good parts and to be something that you can enjoy seeing!

Instead of settling for a dimly lit light in the middle of your room, do better for yourself.
Why deal with overshadowing your abs or toned muscles? 

Opt for an inexpensive, but quality ring light or get some good lighting around your “ home photography zone.”

You deserve to feel good about yourself, and this is an effortless way to do so.

Resistance bands

This one is BIG in my opinion, but we’re saving the best ones for last.

Resistance bands can be used for countless things.

Giving your some extra weight on curls/triceps.

Fixing your form on squats,

Using the booty-bands for a little “extra burn” in your routine.

A little rehab work, or warm-up for your routine.

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

You’ll come to find that you can be VERY creative with a little, or a LOT of strength in these bands.

they don’t need to be expensive, though you can splurge on them if you NEED the accountability.

“I spent $X on these, I’m not going to waste it”

Is a STELLAR motivator.

A Whiteboard (or a Sentimental Reminder/Sticky Notes to keep around your home.)

one of my many home reminders, (something to keep me humble and always exploring)

This last one means the most to me, so I figure it’s the last one. 

A white board will make you PHYSICALLY write out what you want to accomplish.

It’s the perfect addition to your home if you already keep a lot of books and notes around.

Alongside of this, take small sticky notes and place them in area’s you frequent.

I also keep photos with saying I like, like the one above my computer that you see here.

it centers me to remember that i don’t know everything and that i’m aiming for the same truth as everyone else.

Write a sentimental note or something that motivates you on it.

Having a reason or your  “WHY” will be what makes life liveable. 

Why did you start being active? Did you “want to be healthier?” have a six-pack, look like xyz celebrity, make someone proud/envious/jealous?

Fuck it, that reason you start being actionable is GREAT.

Most people just TALK, but if this “stupid” note gets you DOING, then put LOTS of them EVERYWHERE.

Driving the point home on subtle reminders and wrapping things up.

Chris from talks about putting a sticky note in your home that says

“I must do the most productive thing at any given moment”

it’s fantastic, he explains the nuance between working 24/7 or realizing that sometimes a nap or food is the most productive thing we can do.

Also, sometimes we learn something and can switch things up from our original goals as well.

As we change, so do our values.

Never forget who you were when you were started.

I wholeheartedly promise you, nothing in this world will be more powerful than a moment of reflection that ends in one of two ways:

Wow, I can’t believe how far I’ve come… that’s amazing! I destroyed those goals! MAN!!! Nothing can stop me now!”

Or the unfortunate side of things could be revealed to you,

You could realize how much you’ve betrayed yourself and bear the most painful of thoughts:

What have I become..? All of my goals, ambitions, I was going to do all of these..

Both of those will light different fires under your ass. 

That sticky note might lead you to the first and become a GREAT catalyst to future growth.

The second could be devastating, but it could also be a perfect reality check.

Don’t let the latter consume you, promise yourself to be better, work towards your goals, whatever they may be and make YOURSELF proud.

As you check off or wipe things off your whiteboard, don’t refill them.

Look at the empty spaces as accomplishments.

Wait until you wipe down the last one and start getting excited about filling them back up again.

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