The Upward Spiral. (The Stunning Revelation to  Change Your life.)

The Upward Spiral. (The Stunning Revelation to Change Your life.)

What If you’re not completely a loser?

Maybe YOUR life could ACTUALLY be worth SOMETHING.

Imagine that.

You might actually, POSSIBLY, contain SOME potential to do something COOL.

(This post is going to be equal parts depression and motivating.)

MindlessAndEasy isn’t all about “shortcuts” by taking drugs and fitness tips.

It’s essentially my open journal of self improvement.

This is where I post information that I think is going to be insanely beneficial to others.

This means that when I f–k up dramatically, I can caution others from these mistakes.


I don’t write this bullshit out just to feel good.

I actively DONT want others to feel garbage as I have in the past.

All of the posts I make are about things I have tried that are SO good they’re worth doing

OR they’re SO BLATANTLY BAD I need to steer people away from shit advice.

This is going to be about some of the BEST pieces of advice I’ve HEARD and LIVED.

Hopefully it resonates with some of you guys who feel like a failure, or like an absolutely worthless loser, or just too tired and pathetic to do “anything”.

Escaping the Downward Spiral.

The most relevant album and the MOST INTENSE AND ACURATE DEPICITION OF TDS.

Firstly, The Album “The Downward Spiral” is absolute perfection.

It’s also about 90% the inspiration for this entire article.

Give it a listen if you haven’t.

Start to Finish, it captures the journey of going though a mental breakdown & spiraling into self destruction.

(it’s first song is literally “Mr. Self Destruct”)

I have listened to this album all the way through well over 300 times in the past few years
(thanks spotify wrapped.. this song alone played 367 times in 2022 apparently.)

Something about all of it, just RESONATES so heavily with my habits of… needing something MORE.

It also touches on a massive series of numbness, malcontent, and truly erratic behaviour.

There are TOO many insanely relatable lyrics, so I wont waste our time quoting it back and forward.

However; there is a reason I embedded that song. (besides the fact that it’s my favorite from the album)

The main purpose of the above song is to illustrate ((The bottom)) of where your downward spiral will bring you.

The Self-Titled track “The Downward Spiral” is literally a song about suicidal ideation.

He couldn’t believe how easy it was
(He put the gun into his face)
(So much blood for such a tiny little hole)
Problems do have solutions you know
A lifetime of f–xing things up fixed
In one determined flash”

Allowing yourself to continue into debauchery and self destruction will CLEARLY do you AND OTHERS nothing but harm.

You WILL spiral OUT of Control.

You need to avoid bottoming out.

How do you do that?

The only way to get back in control is to critically examine yourself and WHY you are acting this way, with HONESTY.

Catching your breath and keeping your head above water.

A meme to lighten the mood

“The first step to solving a problem is recognizing you have a problem.”

This can be read a thousand different ways.

I mean.. how do you define a PROBLEM?

let’s take the time to be as semantic as possible:

“a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.”

Problem: adjective

denoting or relating to people whose behavior causes difficulties to themselves and others.

If you are doing something that is actively harming you, others, and/or you DONT WANT TO BE DOING IT… that’s CLEARLY a problem.

For instance, say you’re smoking crystal meth, stealing from innocent families and going to end up homeless and in prison for it… clearly a problem…

BUT lets say you drink DAILY, “only a beer, MAYBE TWO” and on the weekend you don’t practice any real restraints.

isn’t that a problem?

It COULD be.

Maybe you actively enjoy a beer as a treat from insanely difficult training days and working on your hustle.

You made a STELLAR breakthrough and had your second beer at 8pm.

During the weekends you go clubbing or to a social gathering and have no need to hold back from shots or glasses of wine/champagne.

is that a problem?

It COULD be.

I’ll explain further.

self-interpretation and gradients of responsibility.

Lady Justice, doin’ her thing.

It’s not for ME to judge.

If someone is enjoying life, celebrating and having a good time why call it a problem?

That guy is SUCCESSFUL and is getting to enjoy life TO THE FULLEST, surrounded by people he loves and there is booze to accentuate the party and happy times.

it doesn’t SEEM like a PROBLEM to me, in that context.

But remember the ABOVE instance with the “Hard drug” that showed degenerate activity?

It’s VERY easy to pick out black and white situation, but most times you CANT throw out a blanket statement.

I know a LOT of people HATE alcohol and a LOT that are indifferent to it.

That is why I chose THAT as the main example

Some people will say

it’s a problem because he drinks even though he trains.. it hinders his performance”


it’s a problem because its bad for his health regardless!!”

What if this guy just trains to stay fit, isn’t a professional and it’s his hobby?

What if he’s buying all of the booze for his friends because he can easily afford it and wants EVERYONE to have a good time?

There are so many random things to pull out of my cards to “justify that drinking”

The SAME way others will JUSTIFY their “bad” habits.

this is why you NEED to be HONEST with yourself.

what do you GAIN from these negative thoughts, negative actions, or negative interactions?

Can’t think of ANYTHING GOOD?

Good… onto our next point.”

Helping yourself before helping others.

two women wearing oxygen masks
Remember to put your own oxygen mask first before helping others.

The whole point of “Honest SELF criticism” is to get exactly what you NEED to hear to RESONATE within.

You may have GREAT friends that tell you to stop, DESPITE knowing you DON’T want to hear it.

(if you do, kudos.. hug those people.)

If you don’t, it is SQUARELY on YOUR shoulders to NOT dramatically fuck up your life.

Remember, people ultimately only change for themselves

HONEST self criticism is HARD.

You HAVE to acknowledge your failure AND face the fact you are ACTIVELY ruining YOUR life AND being a MASSIVE disappointment to your bloodline, your friends, and the world.

The upside to this is monumental though.

It will hurt and it will feel foolish, BUT it paves the road you walk in gold.

As you slowly begin to undo all of your mistakes, you QUICKLY fucking bounce back.

Your energy is up, you feel and look better, you walk more confidently… NOTHING CAN STOP YOU NOW.

All of the negativity is SLOWLY retreating… you stop wondering those old terrible questions

“Why do I bother?”
“What’s the point?”
“Who the hell cares?”

You do, you care more than f–xin’ anybody, so YOU do it FOR YOU.

What can you add to the conversation or topic?

Your own thoughts and ideas, which are STELLAR, because they are YOURS.

Finally, you talk with conviction, make a case for yourself as being “good enough”

At last, you start FEELING like you DESERVE at LEAST the bare minimum.

Noticing the change in your speech, thoughts, and routine it’s all coming back to normal.

You slowly become the person you used to be and it lights a trail that’s BLAZING with success.

Moths to A Flame

At this point, you are on an absolute ROLL.

Once you just STOPPED dickin’ yourself over, stopped thinking your sad negative thoughts, and just thought positively it was game over.

You aren’t constantly consumed with thoughts of despair and self loathing!

Guess what? You probably now have TIME and ENERGY!!!

This means you can DO SOMETHING THAT MATTERS!!

I have never seen a person more overjoyed than someone talking about or engaging in their passions.

That’s going to be you!

(Also, side note, next time you and some buddies are hanging out, ask the friend you are LEAST close to about their favorite hobby. Trust me, it works WONDERS on making great friends. Plus.. you can’t help but LOVE how happy people get when they know you ACTUALLY care about the cool shit they do!)

You are pleasant to be around, feel like a legend and exude genuine confidence and joy.

There is NOTHING people love more than joyful and fun having people.

You know who doesn’t?

Miserable pricks that wish death on good in those in the world.

You know who we don’t need to be around?

Those kinds of people.


if a person that IS like that is a close friend, have a conversation with them about how they’ve been.

Just listen, don’t offer advice, or offer to help them.

Let them speak and be without judgement.

This is YOU doing your part to put a Childs oxygen mask on after you’ve secured yours.

They still need to breath to live.. but your small act of help will never go unnoticed.

A Tidal wave that lifts EVERYONE up.

Celebrations for all.

So you’ve stopped spiraling down, calmed the waters, swam ashore to re-claim your life, armed with appreciation and enthusiasm.

Your network of friends are loving, caring, and watch you grow into the person you have meant to become.

This is where EVERYBODY WINS.

You go out, meet a LOT of great people and build CONNECTIONS.

“Oh, you spin fire and poi? I know XYZ they’d LOVE to get back into it! Here’s her Instagram!”

“You think IM looking big? haha, thanks man! My buddies WAY bigger, I’m trying to keep up with HIM!
You’re looking for a Trainer?
Actually, here, Float him a DM and say Damon sent you his way, he’ll hook you up!”

“This food is AMAZING!! Where’d you learn to cook?
SELF Taught that’s outstanding!!
you don’t know how to bake or anything else?

Here this is my best friend, she’s an outstanding baker, literally the most talented I’ve EVER seen!
Here’s her blog, and check out her Instagram!”

Everyone becomes interconnected with likeminded and driven people, vetted BY YOU!

People are making new friends, getting new clients, more views and you are adding insane amounts of value to their lives… by just existing and having fun!

Imagine that… instead of FEELING worthless.. you are literally becoming invaluable.

Everybody loves you and maybe you can start to actually LIKE yourself too.

The Impossible fall from Grace.

Jacob Peter Gowy‘s The Flight of Icarus (1635–1637)

Once you’ve escaped the bottom and reached the point of uplifting others, you have made it.

You are secure and you will never need to worry about that ever again.

In fact, I would say you will need to ACTIVELY TRY YOUR HARDEST, with PURPOSE, reach that low again.

I’ve talked previously on the hedonic treadmill and how we get desensitized to pleasure and happiness.

This is nowhere close to being anything like that.

When you have people that love and care for you, they do their damn best to make sure you are okay.

The same way you listen and love them, it’s returned to you.

Once you escape the bottomless pit of self destructive thoughts & darkness, there is NOTHING but light.

You might stumble and fall again, but that won’t be without your own HONEST self criticism to save you.

You have a stronger, more resilient mind, you have stronger friendships, you now know the depth you reach are limitless.

Holding yourself accountable and looking back are important all throughout your journey.

Just never forget YOU are responsible for EVERY step forward OR backwards.

Someone f–cxed you over?

Nope, you did, yourself.

you let them get that position.

Think of it like a big chess game.

At some point you made a misjudgment and you paid for it.

That doesn’t mean you’ve entirely lost, but it can certainly make it a struggle.

Without your ACTIVE and INTENTFUL plan to destroy all of your work, even your greatest failures won’t be able to bury friendship, love and the experiences you’ve gained.

Always look up and ahead.

Find the moon and capture it.

Sure as hell beats looking down on yourself and at the boring dirt.

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