What Is “Preworkout” An Easy to Follow Guide.

What Is “Preworkout” An Easy to Follow Guide.

Preworkout has quickly become one of the trendiest supplements to take before going to the gym.

Infact, in the US alone the supplement industry is worth over $10B dollars!

But just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily beneficial or even good for you.

After reading this post you should learn the following set of information:

  • What preworkout is
  • Stimulant vs non-stimulant (also called stim and non-stim)
  • What some common ingredients are
  • When is a good time to take preworkout

Preworkout Powders

Preworkout powders, also referred to as “Pre“, refers to a combination of supplements mixed together in a powder to aid in your performance.

The pre-fix “Pre” is to indicate that you take the supplement before working out.

Ideal time to take pre-workout depends on the ingredients, but a good rule of thumb is around 30-45 minutes.

(usually though, people just take their preworkout IMMEDIATELY before the gym, in the parking lot to get a quick kick of motivation.)

Also, depending on what kind of pre-workout you take, you may have a very different reaction!

I’m going to quickly cover “stimulant” vs “non-stimulate” pre-workout powders.

For some “Credibility?” I guess.
Here is me with the Preworkout I’ve formulated 🙂

Stimulant based preworkout

Also referred to as “stim” refers to the main active ingredient being a substance that increases the activity of the central nervous system.

The main stimulant found in most pre-workout’s is Caffeine.

Most people get caffeine through either green tea, a cup of coffee, some espresso or a latte.

In pre-workout the caffeine hits you harder because it’s usually in the form of
Caffeine anhydrous.

Anhydrous translates to “without water” meaning that you are getting concentrated caffeine in the powder.

Why do people use Caffeine/Stimulants?

Because they work.

Stimulants by nature make a person more energetic, awake, and able to produce work.

Whether it’s a small buzz from nicotine, Scarface doing a faceplant into a massive pile of coke before a shoot-out, or a kid bouncing off the walls from drinking a can of pop.

We can see the effects stimulants have on everyone.

Now, there’s lot’s to be said about the negatives too.

Over-time people will build a tolerance stimulants.

Being over-stimulated can cause heaps of problems and essentially do the OPPOSITE of what you want.

It’s why taking a break from stimulants is important.

So how do you take a break without compromising maximal performance?

You fill in the gaps with rest days and on training days, use a non-stimulant based preworkout.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio:

Non-Stimulant Preworkout

A “Non-Stim” pre-workout does not contain any form of stimulant (like caffeine.)

It mainly uses ingredients to help blood flow and preventing fatigue.

A lot of these ingredients will be pretty standard, but some of them aren’t as useful as you’d imagine.

There are a lot of gimmicks and bold claims being thrown around.

For example, one big gimmick is putting in “Beta-alanine”

Ever fall asleep on your arm or have that “pins and needles” feeling?

That’s called Paresthesia.

You only get it from LARGE doses at once and it’s usually only as an “Indicator” that stuff is being digested.

Typically you need to take consistent, frequent doses throughout your day to get any benefits.

Asides from this, Citrulline and Creatine are BIG for non-stim’s.

Feel free to check out my video on creatine below or read my post about Citrulline here.


Why Do People Take Non-Stims?

Typically, a non-stim is used by people who are sensitive to caffeine, or otherwise don’t want to ruin their sleep.

You can get some pretty impressive pumps from a great non-stimulant preworkout too!

(Though for that you need to know what to look for that is going to be ACTUALLY beneficial)

It’s also a good way to prevent a tolerance ,

Above I I talk about caffeine tolerance and this topic a bit more casually.

Also, one thing to note, most non-stims you can take daily.

AND most it’s beneficial to do so!

In the coming months there will be a LOT of supplemental articles about typical preworkout ingredients and their optimal dosing

Feel free to stick around for those!

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