What It’s Like To Have High Testosterone.

What It’s Like To Have High Testosterone.

“High Testosterone Alpha-Male” Has become such an astoundingly popular meme recently.

I figured I’d have fun with it and roll along with the punches to explain the allure.

This is a lot of my experiences alongside the reports of most of my close friends on how testosterone affects guys.

Hopefully this clears up a lot of the smoke and mirrors for most people.

I also have a some-what comprehensive (albeit much more rudimentary) over-view of testosterone here.

It covers a lot, so it’s not incredibly indepth, probably a 15-20 minute read.

HIGH Testosterone explained.

When I say “High” I’m referring to supraphysiological levels of testosterone in the body.

Literally High Testosterone
As you can see I had HIGH Testosterone, Total, Free and Low Normal SHBG.

I don’t necessary care to delineate between free and total, because it’s at a point where it’s unreasonable to assume that I don’t have high levels of Free Testosterone.

There’s lots that I do to keep my estradiol in check and to keep my SHBG in relatively good shape.

I have a decent stack of supplements I take that keep me in check.

For Example, I have anywhere from 6-11mg of boron daily.

(See the above video I did on boron and free testosterone)

There’s things like DIM (Feel free to check out that post and the accompanying video too.)

As well as other vitamins and minerals for liver and systemic health.

Asides from that there’s more than enough that one can do it free it up in terms of pharmaceutical agents. (like the utilization of Proviron, for example.)

It’s use is fairly contentious, but it’s very popular for performance enhanced individuals to utilize it.

(that’s a topic for another post entirely)

Though others may deem in necessary to differentiate themselves if they have naturally high total testosterone levels. (if you’re curious why they might want to, see my post on Free and Total Testosterone)

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Lastly, before I go right into explaining it further, feel free to check out where I go to get my bloodwork ordered.

I use UltaLabTests. (they’re also listed in Wonderland)

I got introduced to them back when I was learning about bodybuilding and cycle designs from TheResearchStation. (Old name, IKR? 2020 was a great time.)

Essentially, you just pick and choose what tests you want done (Testosterone, Estrogen, AST/ALT etc.)

After you order it, you choose a place that will draw your sample and in around 5 days you get results.

Mindless and Easy to do.

If you don’t want to use them, choose anywhere else that draws labs or ask your doctor to get them done for you. Your insurance might even cover it.

Anywhoo, buckle up and let me tell you what it’s like

Quality Of Life And HIGH Testosterone.

Photo by Nina Uhlikova from Pexels

High testosterone has had a MARKED impact on my ability to focus, learn more, and do more activities.

I generally have a higher quality of life.

This is a sentiment shared with every single person I know that admits to their supplementation of endogenous testosterone.

There also is a slew of literature that also incurs that within older AND younger populations these are generally recognized benefits.

The literature is relatively low for younger men, but it does seem that in populations with LOW levels, life is WORSE.

One comment I want to make:

Most studies show a dramatic change in by supplementing their lower levels to normal.

That’s not exactly fair to assess, however.

Low to normal levels will (in my opinion) OBVIOUSLY make things better, you are functioning NORMALLY.

When it comes to HIGH levels, there’s not much data presented

(Asides from research on aggressive behavior and muscle building. Thanks “Roid Rage” media frenzy.)

It’s also one reason why I wanted to this piece and have you share your experiences too.

When I have a heightened level of testosterone I just want to DOMINATE my goals.

I get shit done, I want to work out harder, I’m more intentional and in touch with my thoughts.

Absolutely Fanastic.

However; it’s not ALL Sunshine and rainbows.

There’s a lot to be said about that last bullet point on being more in touch and intentional.

Please stick around to the end, I’ll highlight this more later.

My Thoughts on Testosterone And Productivity.

I think this is equal parts physiological changes AND pseudo-placebo effect.

Let me explain.

Testosterone will convert into estrogen and other androgens.

With that, we need to recognize the impact they have on our demeanour.

There’s a lot to be said about neuro-steroids and their impact on mood, no dispute there.

Someone feeling better and also KNOWING that they’re ABLE to achieve more, acts as a catalyst to exponential growth.

For example:

Say you can do EIGHT hours of work in ONE hour, every day for the next 3 months.

It’s an 8:1 Ratio of just pure time being saved.

BUT that’s IT, After those three months, you are back to a 1:1 Ratio.

MOST people are going to milk that 8:1 Ratio for EVERY single day they possibly can.

Some people will just do a few days here and there.

Different strokes for different folks.

Feeling better comes in quick and knowing I’m even more capable puts me in the first category.

I plan out more things, I’m eager to work on projects and I have more upbeat energy.

Also, my priorities shift heavily.

I make SURE that I lift ATLEAST five times a week and be MUCH more social.

Being around people I like and having the gratification from weight training and seeing progress makes me want MORE.

It’s a compounding effect.

Additionally, I have higher clarity and I’m less indecisive.

A handful people I talked to also note either one or the other more strongly.

(I.E They focus better OR that they make decisions quicker or without a second guess.)

Two of my close friends off-handedly stated both of these outcomes too.

(So, I’m nothing too abnormal with that result.)

HIGH Testosterone and Your Body.

figuring out the reasons behind relative dosing

This one is… so unsurprising.

I know I HAVE to put this in here.

Testosterone is a steroid that is used as an Appearance/Performance Enhancing Drug. (APED)

In terms of improving musculature, having high testosterone is a no brainer.

I mean, it just works.

I literally can’t say it doesn’t.

Some people respond poorly and get A LOT of side-effects from improper use, sure.

But most of the time, boil it down to my basic fitness bullet points:

and with HIGH levels of testosterone, your body composition will RAPIDLY change.

If you need an idea as to HOW it works, let me reference the post I linked above at the start:

Testosterone is theorized to affect muscular development by being able to increase muscle protein synthesis as well as preventing muscle breakdown through a few different mechanisms of action.

Most notably through its role in stimulating androgen receptors in the muscles and allowing for gene transcription factors to assist in muscle accrual.

Testosterone will illicit the upregulation[g20] of RNA transcription factors that promote higher levels of protein synthesis, muscle anabolism as well as incur a localized effect of IGF1[g21] that makes the muscle tissue grow faster.”

In short, testosterone’s biological functions make it so that you gain more muscle, much easier.

high testosterone and muscle

I mean, just speaking frankly, look through any of my older posts and you’ll see that plain as day.

(No, I never get tired of using that photo.)

High Testosterone: The Downward Spiral begins.

Let me preface this with something relatively simple.

It’s not for everyone.

Bioidentical testosterone has a slew of benefits and isn’t as caustic as some of the more androgenic and anabolic compounds used (Like trenbolone or how people feel on Halodrol.)

(See my post on trenbolone here.)

Still though, it has some pretty gnarly issues.

Let’s say we mitigate the acne and oil skin through proper sleep, hydration, diet etc.

The real downsides are pretty much just TWO big parts imo.

High Testosterone And Emotional Health

High Testosterone And Libido.

Emotional Well-being and High Testosterone

Photo by Alena Darmel:

Emotional fluctuation occurs when hormones become radically imbalanced.

The MOST generic example I can think of that you guys will understand is when girls have their “time of the month”

I’m sure you’ve all heard that phrase lobbed around as an insult or seen it in TV’s depicted as women crying and eating icecream.

The same can literally happen to men who you take TOO much testosterone at once and don’t manage your estrogen and other hormones.

Sure, some people talk about “ROID RAGE” but honestly, thats RARE.

If I feel the need to take a B6 vitamin and arimidex for any reason mid cycle, the next day I just get irritable

It’s the equivalent of being “hangry” for me

I am an incredibly laid back and kind-hearted person, on days where my estrogen is too low, I just get more disagreeable.

that being said, i also am diligent to keep my estrogen unaltered, my cycles are designed that i don’t REALLY ever need AI’s or Serms.

So on days where I start a new oral or something like trenbolone, I get EMOTIONAL.

Story time

I’ll never forget taking one of my girlfriends to a nicer thai restaurant we would do date nights at:

I was pretty irritable to begin with and service was SLOW so I off-handedly said something snarky

“Wow, he’s suuure taking his time, he’s just on his phone for the past literal 10 minutes..”

Then literally seconds later, he finished up and goes over to me and said

“oh hey friend!! Good seeing you both here again!! I’ll get your drinks and I remember for you both, NO straws!

I was literally on the verge of tears.

“wow.. he remembered us, AND that we don’t want straws… what a nice guy… I feel like a dick.”

After Dinner I was in a GREAT mood and then later that night…. well It transitions into my next point.

“High testosterone Alpha Males” and Sex.

Sensual Photo of woman exclaiming in orgasm
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy:

You are either going to fuck a LOT or jerk off like you are dying tomorrow.

You WILL be insatiable.

I.. I just can’t explain this point to anywhere that does it justice.

High libido is a MASSIVE CON.

I know, I know, sounds AMAZING.

HOWEVER; fucking 5 times a day every day is actually SO bad for productivity.

Especially for me, I REALLY like foreplay and making a girl cum.

(TMI? IDC, i’m just hoping you imagine how much time that’s consuming for me.)

Now, if you’re single, you might just be horny as fuck and swiping tinder, bumble, hinge etc etc.

Which could result in NOTHING, meaning literally a TON of time wasted.

If you have a girlfriend and you’re on HIGH Test and/or something like MENT…

Get her a fucking vase of flowers, a pedicure, and a gift for putting up with you.

Outside of actually having a lot of sex, you just RANDOMLY crave it.

I remember seeing LOADS of hot chicks when i was out with my buddies a few months ago and I HAD to introduce myself to literally all of them.

I felt like a kid in a candy shop.

The ONLY perk to this sort of thing is that if you SUCK at game, you’ll learn FAST.

Want to learn it quicker?

Book of Pook, Mystery Method, OLD TRP articles will teach you how to be fun, engaging and more attractive.

Don’t like reading?

Go to my affiliates section and get audible to have them do all of the reading for you.

If you have amazon prime, you get TWO credits for FREE.

Never tried it or amazon? you still get a free book (Credit) to listen.

You keep them FOREVER, pretty neat imo.

Anyway, like most things, you eventually adjust / get better at controlling it, but that first time.. WOW.

What do YOU GUYS notice or feel on high test?

If you guys have noticed any similarities or anything you feel that i missed, start a chat!

I’m sure we’d all LOVE to chime in on the wack shit that happens or has happened to us haha.

Anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed or felt like some of this was relatable.

Until next time, Toodles!

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