Affiliate Disclosure

Hey everyone, Damon here.
as an affiliate disclaimer/disclosure,
I write articles for this blog, and may in some instances receive financial compensation for products and/or services that are mentioned on this website, and in other cases, sometimes I receive no compensation for any products I recommend.

As this blog becomes more and more widespread, I like to keep my integrity by only recommending products that I’ve either personally checked out myself, or that come from people I know and trust. For doing so I may receive a commission. I will never recommend any product that I do not believe in 100%.

The needs of the community come first, and the presence or lack of financial compensation in no way affects the recommendations made on this website.

The commission comes at no cost to you.

Everything recommended I still use today or have recently.

I appreciate every purchase as it helps keep this site running strong.

Even if for whatever reason you want to avoid me receiving a commission, I still highly recommend looking into that or a similar product from a different brand if it suits your needs.

If you ever have questions about anything above or anything I’m affiliated with, please reach out via the “contact me” page or comment on the appropriate article’s page to inquire further to potentially assist others who have the same question.