Tren Talk: Overhyped steroid or nectar of the gods?

Tren Talk: Overhyped steroid or nectar of the gods?

If you’re ever around the fitness side of YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok you have more than likely seen this comment

“lol he’s taking tren!”

– literally anyone when they see a fitness “influencer” with a good physique

I myself get that comment a decent bit, and I mean.. they aren’t wrong.
(see featured image, I’m on around 250mg of trenbolone enanthate at the time)

It’s one of the MOST potent and easily accessible synthetic androgens on the market.

In this blog post, I’m not going to be talking about its mg doses in cattle or its previous clinical uses.

Primarily because none of those translate into REAL WORLD application for the people actually abusing it.

Without further ado, TREN TALK

What is “Tren”

Trenbolone (Tren) is a steroid.

Specifically, trenbolone is a 19-nortestosterone derivative with some characteristics that are unmatched when compared to other synthetic androgens. (like testosterone, masteron, dbol, etc.)

it is THE steroid to give you the “steroids!!!!!” look.

I mean, it’s POPULAR for a reason.

Those HUGE capped delts, massive traps, and shredded/ ripped muscles are THE hallmark of tren use.

What’s more, is that people can achieve this sort of look without a REAL diet or exhaustive training program in place.

Now, this CLEARLY doesn’t mean that you should just be slamming LOADS of tren and doing nothing productive. Rather it just allows a LOT of leeway in terms of getting results.

It’s effectively like an incredibly toxic and dangerous cheat code for getting cut and looking insanely good.

Although, you could get similarly good results by choosing some different and more mild compounds depending on your goals.

(this would also save you a LOT of health complications down the line)

If you’re wondering how exactly tren produces these sort of outlandishly phenomenal results you see fitness influencers have, here’s a brief rundown.

Pharmacodynamics of trenbolone

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Tren is known as THE “cutting” drug of choice. Why is that?

Firstly, it’s due to trenbolone’s insanely high ability to promote nitrogen retention and its ability to prevent your body from going into a catabolic state.

I feel the latter half is hardly ever talked about and I really don’t touch on it much either, so let’s start with that.

Tren inhibits the binding of the thyroid hormone “T4” throughout the body, slowing the process of muscular catabolism. [1][2][3]

While steroids themselves have an impact on thyroid function, in the studies of thyroid hormone interaction I could find without multifactorial anabolic use. (And even cattle studies with limited contra-implicating hormonal use)
it seems inline that trenbolone has a higher affinity to inhibit T4 binding than less anabolic hormones would.

This alongside the accrual of more lean tissue/ the preservation of lean mass when losing calories will make you LOOK bigger just from being shredded.

Second, It promotes nitrogen retention the same way as other anabolic steroids do as well, just to a MUCH more significant degree.

This is due to its tissue selectivity for androgen receptors and upregulated transcription factors for protein synthesis as a result of AR activation.

By the way, If you’re wondering just HOW significant of a degree tren outperforms other steroids, here’s a reference for you:

Testosterone is the baseline for something called the “anabolic to androgenic ratio”

This is used to speculate the propensity a hormone or drug has to illicit both anabolic and androgenizing effects on tissue.

Testosterone gets a score of 100:100

Also, just quickly remember Testosterone does a GREAT JOB of building muscle.

it isn’t some weak over-the-counter supplement, it literally masculinizes men and also puts on SLABS of muscle when combined with weight training, diet adherence, and good sleep.

Trenbolones rating? it’s a whopping 500:500

Considering that tren is also speculated to be FIVE times more ANDROGENIC AND ANABOLIC than Testosterone on paper in terms of anabolic to androgenic potential, it’s easy to see how it gets such popularity.

It’s also easy to see how it leads to the accrual of lean muscle mass and can help with the preservation of muscle even in steep caloric deficits.

Trenbolone metabolism differs from testosterone

Also, just quickly, At the start of this article, I mentioned that tren is a nandrolone/19-nortesosterone derivative.

This is important to note for a few reasons.
Firstly, testosterone faces aromatization into estrogen and 5α-reduction into 5α-Dihydrotestosterone where both testosterone and DHT bind to androgen receptors at different rates.
(also, of note DHT and androgens of this nature have a significant impact on the scalp and prostate)

Nandrolone’s don’t.

Nandrolone/ 19-nor testosterones have a direct binding affinity for the androgen receptors, and while they get 5α-reduced, it’s also into a weaker metabolic form, 5DN ( 5α-Dihydronandrolone).

This is important to note because nandrolones/ their derivatives are seen as more potent muscle builders due to their ability to bind to the AR and promote anabolism much better than regular testosterone would.

Now, unlike testosterone being converted into estrogen, nandrolones are also strong progestins.

This means tren spikes progesterone and prolactin instead of just estrogen/estradiol/estrone.

Which, can lead to some less than favorable side effects that a lot of people are typically familiar with.

I’ll touch on those now.



This side effect ranks #1 in my book for the most annoying.

Because Tren inhibits oxygen from traveling as freely in the bloodstream, hitting a vein while injecting will lead to misery.

Although tren cough is fucking awful, it is not life-threatening, so don’t worry.

if you have never pinned tren or have been HIGHLY lucky when injecting trenbolone and not gotten it, congratulations.

The best way I can describe tren cough is when you breathe in a shallow amount of water in a pool and start coughing HARD.

Almost to the brink of throwing up, but it goes away after about 15-20 seconds.

It is annoying as hell and you can actually FEEL it creeping up on you, which makes it worse.

You’re pretty much stuck there like:

“Oh man… I fucked up, this is gonna fucking BLOW”

Personally, I take SHALLOW breaths through my nose and avoid doing ANYTHING to further evoke the wrath of God. (lol.)

Tren cough will pass as quickly as it ravages your body, if you experience it every time, fix your administration technique.

Emotional instability (srs)

This is one that is different for a LOT of people.

Personally, I think the people that “don’t experience” this to at least SOME degree are just blissfully unaware of their change of demeanor. (or running a “reasonable” dose)

I don’t mean if you’re not crying and overtly emotional that you’re taking “bunk” gear.

It’s rather that myself and just about everyone I know taking tren has all noticed an overlap of about 3 things:

  • Heightened levels of insecurity
  • Jealously/Envy (or much WORSE manifestations for those who already are easily jealous)
  • Paranoia
  • Increased emotional sensitivity (crying/ feeling sensitive/ not taking jokes)
  • Low tolerance threshold/ heightened levels of irritability

Now, this is clearly not exhaustive, this is just what I recall personally as well as conversationally with people who’ve also taken it.



listen, tren will literally fuck you up mentally if you have any inkling of the aforementioned bullet points.

Towards the tail end of a relationship, I was mid-blast (~280 Ace alongside some testosterone and d-bol) talking to my friend about my insecurity and paranoia of getting cheated on after we got food because it was just eating me apart.

I was like a hamster running in its little wheel with these awful and self-destructive thoughts.

Literally staying up ENDLESSLY thinking about everything and anything I have done wrong and could do worse.

Tren can rob you of your happiness and joy if you are reckless with it.

Again, this isn’t just me with these experiences, literally hundreds of guys can attest to these nonsensical emotions creeping up.

Honestly, I’m not surprised it’s only highlighted in terms of roid-rage for side effects and looking ripped as a plus.

NOBODY wants to feel socially inept and nobody wants to imagine that the emotional side effects they’re bringing to light are THEIR fault.

It’s easier to just repress them and not share these feelings we have with people.

I’m willing to put my experiences and allow deeper insight into an otherwise HIGHLY hyped and regarded drug because it can absolutely destroy you.

Aggression (Roid Rage)

angry man
Photo by Genaro Servín from Pexels

The aggression you get on tren is almost unmatched.

I haven’t taken halodrol or cheque drops, but not even anadrol or ment makes me as short-tempered.

Not even close.

Tren will absolutely get you that sort of snap on the “drop of a dime” mentality.

This is incredible when you need to hit an insanely heavy lift and DEMOLISH it.

This level of aggression is absolutely awful literally anywhere else.

It’s not going to make you a more stand-offish “Alpha” dude either.

If you’re a passive-aggressive person, enjoy being EXTRA snippy and condescending.

Tren will not magically give you the aggression and confidence to just stand up for yourself and demand better.

Also, just an aside, tren just kinda makes you generally more irritable.

even on low doses ~140mg Ace, ~200 Tren E I notice I tolerate way less “stupid” things.

People who say they “don’t have those side effects” I’ve noticed firsthand being more irritated and pissed off than usual.

With that in mind, be more mindful of your use if you are already a hothead.

(or honestly, just don’t take tren and swap for something milder that’ll get you the cut you want if you’re gung ho on taking steroids.)

Sex Drive (Libido Torpedo)

intimate couple
Photo by Loc Dang from Pexels

Now, THIS is actually a HINDRANCE more than it is a blessing.

(no seriously, it is actually like INSATIABLE)

I have had a couple of occasions where I’d have sex over eight times in one day and was still wanting more.

There would be times where I’m just at my desk working and the only thing I could think of was sex constantly.

I don’t mean like you have a constant boner 24/7 either, it’s like the same intensity for me as craving chocolate or popcorn when you’re in a movie theatre.

one thing that definitely wasn’t helpful with the newly formed sex addiction I got from tren is the problem with the ancillaries.

Pfizer made a version of cabergoline, called “Cabaser“, a drug that helps with prolactin issues.

*Also, DO NOT take Cabaser if you are vegan, it contains lactose* in the medical pamphlet’s prescribing information they note that Pfizer’s cabergoline has the inactive ingredient “lactose anhydrous.” meaning you may need raws or a different form of prolactin management

I’d take .25mg of caber once a week to combat any potential issues that could arise with 19-nors.

The problem? You can fuck literally non-stop.

Cabergoline apparently can help prevent the refractory period from occurring in some guys. (Lucky me!)

Meaning that when you come you don’t get that OVERWHELMING sensation that forces you to stop.

Not saying I’m being responsible doing either of these things, BUT

I have literally came inside multiple girls and just kept pounding away because I’d taken a quarter tab of caber earlier in the evening before seeing them while taking a HIGH dose of tren.

Be warned out there fellas, it can get WILD.

General health ramifications:

Lastly, I talk about most of these in my testosterone post HERE:

Steroids typically have the same general problems, but depending on the family of anabolic you’re using it can be more severe for some more than others.

Issues like liver complications, kidney damage (tren is HIGHLY androgenic, meaning it is AWFUL for your kidneys.)
nipple drip (high prolactin + gyno can lead to literally leaking MILK from your breasts in some guys.)

sleeplessness, night sweats, or nightmares on a high dose are pretty common.

I usually make sure that I sleep naked as much as possible when I take tren because any sudden rise in the temperature during my sleep means I have to sleep on towels.

Let’s hear from you!

Personally, even with all the negatives, I still think tren is pretty fuckin’ phenomenal.

I don’t run it much anymore, because I LOVE ment.

Ment makes me feel as strong and BIG as tren, but without giving me all of the massively annoying side effects.

(also, I don’t really have a progesterone/prolactin problem on it, oddly enough)

I’ll probably do a post about that, but it’ll be relatively hard to get a TON of info, so it’ll probably be in a video format where I just riff on the subject over on my youtube.

Enough about me though, I wanna know more from all of the people that stumble across this side of the internet.

I know a good bit of traffic here comes from people in the fitness realm, but some people actually are arriving from the “life’s mission” post I made, VERY COOL!

Are you familiar with tren? if so, I’d love to hear your experience with it.
there’s a comments section, here that you can be relatively anonymous on, or feel free to DM me @damonisvegan on Instagram.
If you’re coming across this blog post because of the fitness industry pushing out this “get ripped quick” miracle steroid, let me know your thoughts on it, and if you have any further questions!

A lot of this post is speaking from experience, so I don’t have too many citations this time around.

if you have a general question, either send me an email here or drop a comment, and if it’s a super good one I’ll probably make it a post!

Until next time, Toodles!

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