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Time’s our most valuable resource, so not wasting it is a HUGE plus IMO.
Without further stalling,
your regularly expected “About me page’s” long-ass post.

Damon, your annoying author of mindless and easy.

Hey everyone, My name’s Damon.
it’s a pleasure to e-meet you.
I started this blog to share the experiences and what I’ve learned over the decade of interest I’ve held in fitness and performance enhancement.
Growing up, I’d always taken an interest in things like watching boxing (my favorite boxer is Prince Naseem or Lennox Lewis, it’s a tie) or seeing these JACKED dudes in movies Dolph Lungren, Sylvestor Stallone, or JCVD.
It was super fascinating to me how these guys looked so RIPPED and were always so badass.
I was always literally the tiniest child in any given room, clear until 7th grade (12 years old for anyone not from the United states) I weighed at most 62lbs and when I was finally in high school, I did wrestling alongside track and field.
(I wrestled at the smallest weight class there was, 106lbs)
It was around this point that I was able to regularly go to the gym and weight-lifting for sports, so I decided to go all out and learn as much as I could about getting bigger and stronger.
While I’m researching supplements, training, and how to get big, I hit an interesting cross-road.
I go to see “Morrissey” perform live and unbeknownst to me, he starts playing literal live slaughterhouse footage while singing “Meat is Murder” and the video of a sheep being pinned down and having its throat slit is permanently engraved in my head.

Going vegan (before it was cool) @Damonisvegan is born.

However; I’m a stubborn motherfucker, I don’t just go and drop everything I know at once on a whim to appease some pissy vegetarian. so for the next few months, I continue my bulking (LOADS of bacon mcdoubles and snack wraps from McDonalds) while slowly also watching vegan YouTubers and eventually landing on Dr. Neal Barnard’s lectures.

This man HEAVILY influenced my understanding of “whole-foods plant-based” dieting.
In December of 2016, I make a HARD commitment to go completely vegan overnight:
No more taco bell, McDonald’s, supplements with whey, gelatin, milk powder, none of it.

I’m so inspired, that I switch from wanting to go to college for exercise science with an art history minor to wanting to get a degree in nutrition.

Years later, I go to college at the University of Akron, get my minor in nutrition and begin to wrap up my degree in organizational supervision.

It’s at college that a few pivotal things that lead me to this blog happen.

I’m incredibly depressed all the time, I have only a handful of friends I see regularly outside of my roommate Sam and I’m lacking a sense of direction.
Alongside this, I was heavily influenced by the smiths, SO me being vegan, small, VERY friendly, and dressing flamboyantly with care for things like skincare and haircare got me a lot of

“oh is he gay….?” “wait HE has a girlfriend..? How??”

So I google “how to be more masculine, how to dress more manly, how to be more confident yadda yadda yadda”

it’s around this time i start to discover the GOLDEN age of communities for self-improvement.
I start to dress a little nicer (not Shirts from charlotte ruse that you and your gf pick out)
I go to the gym at my university more (not the small apartment gym that nobody goes to)

It all starts here

I start asking myself what my ultimate purpose is and I start to objectively view my life and see what’s making it feel like such a chore.

After that, I break up with the gf I had just before starting college, I lift more often, socialize a lot more, get a kickass new roommate (who I still keep in touch with nearly every day Btw, “Moonshoes” is a kickass dude.) and everything comes to this point.

Fun fact, I also had another blog outlining my experiences while I was taking SARMS and working on “picking up girls” and other related Manosphere relevant content at the time, “Damonsdigest” but I shut it down about a year after its inception due to having a fulfilling LTR and no interest in posting I figured there was a lot of dudes doing practically that same thing and if I can’t provide any value or new lens on the situation, to not bother wasting my time and just chime in from time to time.

At this point, I start taking my studying to a WHOLE new level, I took an interest in everything related to enhancing performance because everyone on the forums talks about “the sexual marketplace being immoral” and that the morality behind it is just based on individual perspectives and it’s not that big of a deal.
Still though, im scared of the judgement and everything that entails.

Throughout this time I learned a lot of valuable information due to my to research databases giving me a LOT of access to information about everything on the topic.

Also the CRAZE of Natty/Not’s also helped fuel a lot of discussions
(alongside me joining a group of people who all want to know more about Pick-up, getting jacked, and bettering ourselves every day.)
Alongside this, getting to learn a ton of information from pages like “The Research Station”, learning researching tips from Victoria felkar’s channel, Seth Feroce, and at the time a few notable YouTubers and bloggers were starting to pick up a LOT of traction they deserved.

General note: A lot of the stuff here is about my experiences with things and my rationale behind taking them, OR THEORY about what would work/how things potentially work, which is then is supplicated by literature supporting or debunking relevant topics.

Things like Supplements:

I’ll be sharing my experiences on them, or the experiences of people I know who have taken them as well for specific issues they have faced and how beneficial they were for being a remedy.

Supplements are vastly under-rated in a lot of contexts, even regular multi-vitamins seem to be going by the way-side, oddly enough.

I aim to provide as much insight as possible for everyone.

Things like books, audiobooks, and products.

I’ll be sharing books I’ve read,
Audiobooks I’ve listened to,
Products I’ve taken or are currently taking and giving my review of them.

I firmly believe the right book at the right time can DRAMATICALLY impact our lives.

NO GIRLS ALLOWED (lol, not rlly)

Lastly, I don’t aim to talk about “how to get girls” or any variation of that.
I will gladly be sharing posts on my experience going from a nerd who played overwatch and Runescape for 14 hours a day to cutting that down to practically none and building a LARGE network of friends by name or nearly everyone’s friend groups in about a year.
I’ll be making my first post about your life’s mission and talking about networking and why it’s important to know people.

Why no “girls” or dating posts?

Personally, I don’t think it’s that hard.
Talking and interacting with girls you like as a guy is super easy nowadays.
If you solely want to do it to get laid, then congrats!
Getting laid as a ripped dude who takes care of his skin and hair makes it EVEN Easier.
Just don’t be fucking creepy and don’t be super fucking weird.
That “content” has been run into the dirt and I add literally no value to the discussion, I don’t use tinder/grindr/bumble FB dating or anything to “generate new prospects”.

Those kind of guys always rubbed me the wrong way, to be entirely honest.

I talk to people as if they’re people.

Not someone who I NEED to fuck to feel good.
I’m not saying this to make myself seem like I’m better than the guys who fuck a ton, btw.
99.99999% of the time those guys are super fun to be around and are a total bro.
if you like self-improvement, getting jacked, or have a specific interest you LOVE, they’ll often tell you are passionate about that shit a ton and dig it too.

Practical real world “advice.”

Pro-tip, once you hit a certain “milestone” or number when it comes to sleeping around, you really get desensitized to.

If you think “I CAN”T GET A GF UNTIL I SLEEP WITH 100 GIRLS” you will fuck up a lot of good things.

More often than not, this is just masked sex addiction OR someone who’s insecure about how sexually attractive they come across or insecure about their performance in bed.

I’ll share some books and blogs I’ve read and enjoyed that helped me be INCREDIBLY open sexually and have some fun.
Be warned, it’s not all super vanilla like some posts saying:

choke her during sex by doing a 3 seconds on, -1 second long release to intensify her orgasm TO LEVELS SHE’S NEVER SEEN.

-lame ass dudes who probably have never gotten laid and go on reddit all day.
parting tip:

For the people who don’t know what to do and go to my blog instead of someone like Jon Anthony who can tell you his tips and tricks: (btw go check out HIS blog masculine development) I’ll leave you with this.

If someone’s interested, it’s pretty easy to tell that they are within like 5 seconds of the conversation.
Go with the flow, be outcome-independent, be slightly better every day and stuff will work out if you aren’t super fuckin’ weird.
If you are weird, google around and learn how to NOT be weird.