Taking Yohimbine Supplements? MUST Read For THE BEST Results.

Taking Yohimbine Supplements? MUST Read For THE BEST Results.

Yohimbine is one of the most commonly used fat-burners for people looking to naturally burn some fat.

However; there seems to be a lot of hit-or-miss reviews on Yohimbine for the past few years.

This is largely due to poor marketing or people just randomly taking “fat-burners”

(If you haven’t already, watch my video on “why fat-burners suck”.)

I’ll go ahead and explain to you how to effectively use yohimbine and ACTUALLY see some results with it.

What is “Yohimbine”

Yohimbine’s chemical structure.. just to look at somethin’ cool and science-y.

Yohimbine (usually sold as Yohimbine HCL) is a natural supplement that is marketed as a fat-burner and to help with sex-drive.

To be “Super-scientific” it’s an alpha 2-receptor antagonist.

If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry.

It just means “Hey it works on some receptors that deal with adrenaline

Extra Adrenaline can cause an increase in blood flow (for men it’s most noted to increase blood flow to their penis) it can also lead to extra fat-burning.

If you’re curious as to how it works, aka, “The Mechanism Of Action.check the references below.

Here’s the cliff notes of the references, (not in any specific order)

  • Fat distribution and amount may be linked to Alpha2-adrenergic receptor genetics.
  • Epenephrine, Yohimibine and other agents act as A2ARA’s
  • Rauwolscine is a highly selective A2ARA. (may be better for your goals than yohimbine)
  • Some explainations behind the Subtypes of Alpha receptor antagonists.
  • A1ARA in the brain and in neurotransmission (how receptors work within our brain)
  • Some studies about Yohimbine dosing in trials
  • (also, one of these references has trivia/ background information on the plant super cool)
  • talking about insulin secretion and Alpha2 Adrenergic vs alpha1 and beta signalling.

EFFECTIVELY taking Yohimbine (according to science.)

So taking your Yohimbine has two parts

  • Timing
  • Amount

Both of these are FUNDAMENTAL to getting the HIGHEST return on your investment.
Take a lot and FEEL something extra, but take it at the wrong time and see NONE of the fat burning benefits.

Time it right, but take too little and see barely any results

let’s get this DOWN to a perfect science.

WHEN should you take it?

TIMING your supplementation is first, because it is the MOST important part.

If you are ABLE, to early in the morning would be the most preferential.

This is so the stimulant hits you HARD.

If someone WAS to do that, assess your tolerance beforehand.

I know FIRST HAND a LOT of people that get nauseous from consuming stimulants.

It’s even WORSE on an empty stomach for them.


The IDEAL TIME to take yohimbine isn’t about a specific hour of day like 6am.

It’s actually ANYTIME you have NOT consumed ANYTHING that will raise your blood sugar for the next 90 minutes at a minimum, IDEALLY 3 hours in TOTAL.

Yohimbine is MOST concentrated at 90 minutes in the blood and still technically active for four hours.

(though three hours is largely when it’s likely to start tapering down to practically insignificant levels)

Why shouldn’t you eat or drink anything that raises your blood sugar levels?

This is because when your blood sugar is elevated (like when you eat or drink carbohydrates) you produce insulin.

Insulin makes Yohimbine NOT work as a fat burner.

I’m going to make this VERY oversimplified:

Think of Newton’s third law.

for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction

This applies to our body in the sense of “FEEDBACK LOOPS”

Essentially, Yohimbine makes you produce small amounts of insulin.

It does this by attaching to those Alpha-2 Adrenergic receptors we mentioned earlier that are located on our pancreas.

Our body wants to maintain homeostasis (balance)

So if we have MORE insulin because of yohimbine, our body naturally produces LESS.

If our body produces insulin, then our pancreases‘ beta cells will push insulin from the receptors essentially clearing out the yohimbine.

Meaning that the yohimbine is worthless now.

HOW MUCH to take?

0.2mg per kg of bodyweight has been noted to provide the most benefit without a significant impact on the heart or blood pressure.

Anecdotally, more people will respond well to 0.1mg per kg of bodyweight with notable fat loss and less digestive issues or nausea.

This means a highly effective and risk free dose for a 220lb person is roughly 20mg.

A Yohimbine sensitive individual at that weight may find that taking half of that dose would be tolerable while providing benefits.

If you want to know how to calculate the amount needed for your weight in pounds, no worries.

Just plug your weight into this equation where it says “XLBS” then copy and paste into google.


Should I Cycle Yohimbine?

One study showed that daily administration of 12mg of yohimbine a day over 14 days consectutively showed a slight decrease in effectiveness.

(btw that’s less than the 0.2mg/kg of bodyweight range for someone who weighs 150lbs.)

Although the reduction was small, it’s still probably a decent idea to not be in a prolonged calorie deficit with high stimulant use constantly.

I’d highly recommend taking a break anywhere from 2-4 weeks of consecutive use.

If you want to get some yohimbine that I have had good experiences with, in the past, knock yourself out.

This is the brand I would always use.

There’s no real reason why it’s “better” or more intense than other kinds of Yohimbine.

It was just typically the most amount of Yohimbine per pill, easy to dose, and vegan friendly.

Alongside of that, you can support the blog directly by buying in bulk from MindlessAndEasy’s newest affiliate: BulkSupplements

100g Standardized to 2% Yohimbine from extract for $13.96

Save some money and never worry about running out.

Parting tip about fat-burners and losing stubborn

Again, if you haven’t already, just watch the above video. it’s five minutes and talks about why they aren’t GREAT additions to burning extra calories.

I STRONGLY believe You’d be much better off using a stimulant based pre-workout to exercise more.

Why? because you would probably burn EXTRA calories by doing MORE work.

To wrap things up, I personally think that if you’re naturally athletic this might help SLIGHTLY.

Realistically, you’ll likely lose an additional pound (0.45kg) of fat by the end of the month.

This is with STRICT adherence to the dosing protocol outlined above, in tandem with exercise AND caloric restriction.

If you already leverage a pre-workout or stimulants like caffeine then this might be another item to add.

In summary:

Yohimbine isn’t gimmicky, it will benefit fat-loss, it’s just never properly leveraged and over-hyped.

Cool Yohimbine related resources to read/study:












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