The Powerful Mindset of “Self-Improvement” as a Philosophical Life Pillar.

The Powerful Mindset of “Self-Improvement” as a Philosophical Life Pillar.

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There are so many new self-improvement channels popping up that it’s hard to keep track.

This is phenomenal and people shouldn’t be so quick to tear them down.

If everyone wants to uplift everyone, then it only stands that everyone wins.

When I needed to find my way in the world, I had a only handful of places to look.

Now most of them are shut down and the content is stuck behind random internet archives.

There are a myriad of people that haphazardly retort

“Well now they all just do it for money!”

Deceitful people always exist and prey on vulnerable people, avoid them like a plague and move on.

For others, the sincerity of advice being propagated by these new channels could stand to help countless lives.

Nobody is forcing you to buy a plane ticket to venture out to a “boot camp” to get your life together.

You absolutely can go to a seminar or something full of people that forces you to be accountable, but you need to make that decision yourself.

There is one note I’d like to make very clear.

Most people are going about things ALL wrong.

The Problem With The “Hardcore Self-Improvement + PUA” LIFESTYLE.

I am speaking from personal experience with this section, some people might be at different point in their own journey and that’s okay.

Some people might have not undergone any of these seasons in their life or done this EXACT thing.

Either way, let me outline what I’ve come to realize.

My “About Me” page sums this up fairly well, I was literally skin and bones, awkward, annoying, insecure and a nerd.

When I found some of these places where guys in my situation were able to turn things around by following some core principals I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I went through the entire rebranding of “Red-Pilled” Pick Up Artist thing back in 2018-2019.

It worked, it worked unbelievably well.

Better than I could have imagined.

The problem was I had just adopted this as more of a lifestyle rather than a philosophy.

  • Go to the gym (to look better)
  • Learn to dress well (to get others to see me more favorably.)
  • Talk to more girls (so you can not be anxious when you want to talk to someone hot.)
  • Talk to more guys (so you can have a network of likeminded guys focused on being better.)

There’s a small distinction to be made between a philosophy and a lifestyle.

While “philosophy” has a myriad of definitions online depending on the context, in this instance I’m referring to it as a fundamental understanding of life and nature.

Now, why dedicate an entire post to semantics?

Because you should recursively self-improve for the BEST OUTCOME of your life AND livelihood of people that you love.

Should you reach the aforementioned goals, you may forgo the activities you started above.

I sure did.

I don’t want you all dealing with my same errors in your own life.

You WILL burn out at some point.

You NEED to rebound and reassess ASAP.

Why Philosophy never fails.

If you embody self-improvement as a fundamental pillar of your life then nothing can stop you.

Imagine you’re able to exact each point to it’s fundamental goal: A better life.

  • I get to train and be active, for a better life
  • I must take care of my appearance, for a better life
  • I will network more in order to have a better life
  • I’m taking more chances on hard endeavours, for a better life.

You may notice, the end goal is more ambiguous.

That’s life.

Goals can be fluid to reach whatever your current desire is, sure.

However; If you always value yourself first and foremost (as you SHOULD) you NEVER STOP.

Your GOALS need a more EXACTING destination to feel accomplishment.

Self improvement for the dream of a better life does not.

Your life has no other end destination than death.

You are born, you will die, and the world will continue to turn.

The drop-off rate of doing things that you know to be beneficial to your life is astounding.

This is especially apparent amongst my peers.

People start dating or get married, they get comfortable, and they stop.

They settle down and they make small concessions which overtime make them feel awful.

Now, I know loads of people that got married because they WANTED to and they WANTED a family.

This isn’t to take marriage or relationships down a peg.

It’s to illustrate the “long term relationship as an end goal” narrative doesn’t always crack up to be “happily ever after.

If your goals have an end and you reached it, it takes a lot of force to start back up.

Remember this one principle law of nature.

Keep the ball rolling and continue growing.

Do that for the same reason you started:

To be better.

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